PCC Processes

Your Integrated Solution

A total product solution.

Why Investment Casting?

We leverage the diverse capabilities of our manufacturing facilities and that of our parent company, Precision Castparts Corp., to provide a total product solution.

  • Near net shape – for parts which normally require a lot of welding or fabrication, this process saves a great deal of labor and material.
  • Complex shapes – very little need for machining.
  • Hollow passages and thin walls can be easily achieved.
  • Flexible size range – up to 78 inches (200cm)
  • Flexible alloy selection – Steel, Nickel-Based Superalloy, Titanium, and Aluminum

Dimensional Capability:

  • +/- .003 For small sections (such as blade or vane profiles)
  • +/-0.010” (for parts up to 2.00”)
  • +/- .020” (for parts up to 4.00”)
  • Up to +/- .03 (for parts larger than 4.00” with improvements in critical areas)