PCC Structurals


With eleven facilities across the US and France, PCC Structurals provides solutions for customers across the globe. Each of our manufacturing locations provides a variety of capabilities and alloy selections.

A Diverse Manufacturing Portfolio

PCC Structurals is the world leader in superalloy, aluminum, and titanium investment castings, as well as DMLS printing and high-temperature composite structures. With applications in jet engines, airframes, industrial gas turbine engines, military armaments, medical prosthesis, and other markets, we provide a wide portfolio of high-quality components.

Large Parts Campus (LPC)

The original facility for PCC, LPC currently manufactures the largest investment castings in the world in titanium, steel and superalloy.

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Small Structures Business Operations specializes in superalloy castings for aircraft engines and industrial gas turbine applications.

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PCC Schlosser

Schlosser is a world-class titanium investment casting facility for developmental engineering and high volume production.

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PCC France

France’s manufactures titanium, steel, and superalloy components for airframe, aero-engine, industrial gas turbine, and auto applications.

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Atlantic Precision (API)

API uses DMLS to print extremely complex 3D parts. It's also a full service 5-Axis Machining facility with finishing and inspection capabilities.

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Composites Horizon (CHI)

CHI engineers lightweight aerospace composites, aircraft structures, and assemblies with exceptional strength and high-temperature performance.

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PCC Tilton

Tilton casts a range of aluminum alloys specializing in high volume production for airframe and aero-engine components.

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PCC Ogden

Ogden has two casting foundries and a large, full service 5-axis machine shop. It manufactures in both aluminum and air-cast steel.

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PCC Groton

Groton specializes in large steel and superalloy components for industrial gas turbine and aero-engine components.

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PCC San Leandro

Located in Northern California, San Leandro specializes in high-volume aircraft engine components in both superalloy and steel.

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PCC Carson City

Carson City employs both conventional casting methods and countergravity casting for a range of aerospace and defense applications.

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