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DLM versus SLM

Designers and engineers may seem to talk among each other in a strange language full of complicated jargons and indiscernible terms – DLM, SLM, DMLS, and SLS to name a few – but believe it or not, we do not intend to alienate the rest of the world from our little circles. That’s just the nature of our industry and if you’re an engineer or designer yourself, you know what we’re talking about.

What are DLM and SLM?

DLM stands for Direct Light Modeling, SLM stands for Selective Laser Melting, and SLS stands for Selective Laser Sintering. Although engineers and designers have debated on the differences and similarities of these methodologies, some of them have also used these terms interchangeably at some instances.

At Atlantic Precision, we offer the DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) method, an additive metal fabrication technology that is similar in nature to SLM or SLS. This technology is excellent because it is an accurate process that generates the best results – high resolution and exceptional mechanical properties to name a few.

Compared to the DLM method, the advantage of DMLS lies on the thickness and material limitations of the DLM method.

Atlantic Precision, a leader in Aerospace Machining, Design & Build, have built a great reputation among our valued customers who employ our talented team of engineers, machinists and designers to lay out the groundwork for their projects and execute the concept intended to make them transform according to their vision.

We offer 3D printing and additive manufacturing as part of our DLM and SLM services.

With 3D printing metal, our team meticulously designs and implements the processes in place for the most complicated 3D surfaces, sheet metal fabrication and of course, our simultaneous 5-axis procedure.

We also partner with businesses from the aerospace industry including military and commercial aviation as well as the marine industry and power generation companies to create prototypes and execute technical productions for their ventures.

We pride ourselves in employing the DMLS method in ensuring excellent jobs in the areas of instrumentation, prototype fabrication, White/Blue Light Inspection, DMM Metallurgical/ Calibration, Grinding, Assembly, additive manufacturing metal, multi-axis wire as well as conventional and fast hole drilling (EDM), welding (plasma, fusion, resistance, stud), sheet metal fabrication, FPI Inspection, and milling and turning among others.

If you’re one of our valued customers contracting our company for our products and services either for an individual, one-time technical project or a series of projects, be assured that we’re providing you with the best engineering and design methods in the industry.

Our pool of talents has the best technical and procedural expertise to respond to your industrial needs and requirements and will work closely with you through the duration of the project.

At Atlantic Precision, we pride ourselves with our integrity and commitment to quality by only producing the best possible results based on your needs and requirements.

Have questions regarding DLM or SLM?

You may contact us through our customer specialists and together, you and our team can discuss the details of your project so we can offer the best solutions for a swift and effective process in executing and completing your request.