Largest Investment Castings in the World

Large Parts Campus

Located in Portland, Oregon, LPC manufactures castings as large as 79” in titanium, steel and superalloy.

LPC Specializes in air and vacuum investment cast components for aerospace, energy, and commercial applications.


Corrosion-resistant, high-strength-to-weight Titanium alloys. Nickel and Cobalt-based alloys with corrosion resistant, high temperature and mechanical properties. Other steel alloys for a variety of applications.


Titanium Investment Castings

Diameter: 79" (200 cm)
Length: +100" (253 cm)
Pour Weight: 1,700 lbs (771 kg)

Stainless Steel and Superalloy Investment Castings

Diameter: 83" air-cast & 76" vac
(211 cm air-cast & 19)
Length: 83" (211 cm)
Pour Weight: 4,500 lbs. Vac, 5,800 lbs. Air
(2,095kg Vac, 2,636 kg Air)

Manufacturing Space

664,081 square feet/61,694 square meters



ISO9001 and AS9100 registered NADCAP (AC7110 for welding, AC7102 for heat treating, AC7114 for non-destructive testing, radiography, and liquid penetrant).

This facility is also certified by certain major prime customers.

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Large Parts Campus

4600 S.E. Harney Drive
Portland, OR 97206