Superior Engineering

Small Structures Business Operations (SSBO)

SSBO’s robust engineering team and in-house prototyping capability make it the ideal facility to bring your development program into production.

PCC Small Structures Business Operations (SSBO) specializes in air and Vacuum Investment Cast Components for Aerospace, Energy, and Commercial Applications.


Steel, Nickel, and Cobalt-Based Alloys.


Stainless Steel Investment Castings:

Diameter: 36" (91 cm)
Length: 36" (91 cm)
Pour Weight: 400 lbs. Vac, 800 lbs. Air (181 kg Vac, 362 kg Air)

Manufacturing Space

197,000 square feet/18,300 square meters.


ISO 9001; AS9100 Rev C; NADCAP (AC7110 for welding, AC7102 for heat treating, AC7114 for non-destructive testing, radiography, mag particle and liquid penetrant).


13340 SE 84th Ave.
Clackamas, OR 01610